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VoIP, an exciting new Technology   by Joe Calden

Its not often that a new Technology comes along that can change fundamentally the way we live our lives. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, is one such Technology. The Telephone has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives and is therefore one of the most important technology inventions of modern times. VoIP is changing the way we use the telephone making it more flexible and cheaper to use for both individuals and business users alike.
     Instead of transmitting calls over a traditional phone network, VoIP uses the Internet or a data network such as a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The recent widespread availability of high speed internet access has made this a real alternative for home users. The cheapest way for individuals to use VoIP is from computer to computer. All that is needed is freely available software and you are ready to make calls to another user for only the cost of using the Internet. Call plans are available from VoIP providers that will allow you to call any phone anywhere in the world at a cost much lower than the normal standard phone charges. For this you will need a special VoIP Phone or an adapter to allow use of your standard phone. A real advantage of this is that you can plug your phone into the Internet anywhere in the world and it is the same as if you were at home.
     For Business users there are big cost savings and advantages for Employees. For employees that are hot-desking or have to work out of different offices, they can make any phone their own by simply logging on to the system. This flexibility is also available away from the office as long as they can connect and log into the corporate network. The phone can now also become a computing device with a screen, connected to the company network it can be used for video conferencing or simply looking up the company phone list. This allows the phone to be used in a way that is impossible with the traditional system. Companies now only have to maintain one network for both data and telephony. However there can be a significant cost involved in setting up a company system but the return on investment can be short, usually less than a year.
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